August, 2017 : A Glimpse of Life Update


I graduated, my college year is officially over.

Looking back, I was such an unmotivated person.  Comparing to my friends, they were eager to learn, I was already stressed out by looking at how ambitious my friends were.  College was hard but way better than high school.  At least I met a lot of great friends in college and I found out my passion.

I lose so many things during college.  My love life was a mess, got D twice, failed to pass scholarship and I don't know I kinda felt like nobody really saw me except that I was known for being in certain groups.  In my group, I was the only person who didn't really get a chance like other psychology students had.  Did training, joined selection committee etc.  One day I wanted to join so I asked my friends to inform me if there were any committee I could join, you know eventually no news and my friends joined the committee.

It was probably the hardest part in college.  Questioning my worth.  Tried so hard to prove myself that I worth better but somehow I always saw my friends got better, made me feel like all of my efforts were nothing compared to them.

"You lose some, you gain some."  I don't remember where did I hear the words but that's what I understand after I graduated.  I graduated and I got internship, in Japan.

How much I lost in college, it's exchanged by how much experience I'll get later on.
And I'm pretty hyped to know what I'll learn,


Photo Diary : May 2017


Pictures were taken using Olympus Trip 100R, Fujicolor C200.
(except the Chamomile picture, it was taken from google)


First Roll on My First Pocket Camera


All pictures above were taken using Olympus Trip 100R, bought from Stokanalog.  I decided to buy a pocket camera because I thought it would be handy.  Canon EOS 5 was too big to carry on daily basis (plus I have no lenses now).

The thing about this roll's results is, I forgot that I was using an expired film.  I used Kodak Colorplus 200 expired 2014 and didn't turn the flash on so most of the pictures that taken indoor or low light are faded.  Some that I took at 12 pm sunlight are fine, not too yellowish like the fresh Kodak Colorplus but the fade was not too much, still got fine color in it.

And there are two pictures taken using the flash on.  Maybe because it's an expired film roll combined with the natural lightning, the results are not as 'glossy' as the results I took with Fuji DL-25 Date (which the flash can not be turned off).

So far, I enjoyed shooting with this pocket camera because of the handiness and the ability to take moments faster!  Although you can't measure the light and prolly have to turn on the flash most of the time if you don't like faded pictures.
Now it's currently using Fujicolor C200, can't wait to finish the roll and share the results later.